Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Experiences

We went to a new event today! I thought we would be late and miss it. We were late, but we didn't miss anything. The facilitators just had a table by the playlot. We made a little greenhouse with arugula seeds. There was some coloring involved. The playlot's ground was recycled tires (or something). And it has a tiny climbing wall, a few tunnels and two slides. The Baby loved the tunnels! He laughed the whole way through and went back again and again. Also, there was a big, rubbery, dragon? And a few large bugs for the kids to play on. It was all pretty cool. The Boy thought walking through L.L. Bean to the bathroom was cool too. I highly recommend this space. And event. Next Tuesday we'll be back. westfield.com

I made something new for dinner. The recipe was incomplete. It came from a free calendar I got at Jewel. I made French Toast Peanut Butter Sandwiches. Basically, make the pb&b, put 1/4 teaspoon vanilla in with 1 egg (adjust amount accordingly to the amount of sandwiches). They were pretty good. And I did put syrup on them!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Des Plaines Fall Fest

We went to Touch-A-Truck in Skokie, and we had a great time.

The Baby and I headed over to Jewel to get my freebies. With the MyMixx program I got a free salad kit, and I got a free banana with a reuseable coupon from Jewel. I picked up an item from Saving Star freebie list, but I forgot they don't allow receipt photos at Jewel. Dang. I will most likely return my not- freebie.

Then we went to Des Plaines Fall Fest. It was awesome! We all rode some rides, I got my funnel cake and The Boy won a prize. I was so pleased, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy my family.

I need to get up early for church!

Friday, September 18, 2015

At Home

We stayed home today! I'm sure there were several places we coulda shoulda gone, but I wanted to take it easy, because we're going to Touch-A-Truck and the Des Plaines Fall Fest.
I vacuumed the whole house, and as corny as it sounds, I'm really proud of myself! I vacuumed up a Wolf spider, along with a few others. Which is alarming.

The Boy is getting good at telling me what he needs. Like juice, tickles, cuddles, and potty.

The Baby took a few more steps today!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


There is not enough time in my day to get all I need to get done. Or perhaps I am bad at prioritizing, and managing, and organizing my time. I have a hard time seeing what needs immediate attention, what I can work on but don't need finished, and what can be done later. Housework always needs to be done, and it is a priority, but do I need to work on it until it's done? No, it's never-ending.
This evening I worked on clipping and organizing my coupons. I should have been working on my story for Real Simple.

The Boy pooped in the toilet!! I was so proud of him! He asked to go up, adjusted himself on his seat, and out it came. He doesn't seem to have the fear I've heard some tots do. Let's hope for a repeat tomorrow!

I saved 33% at Jewel today, combining my sales and coupons. And I just remembered I need to submit my receipt to ibotta.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Dental Work

I need another filling! Actually, it's a filling repair. And the filling is from years ago. Fuck, though. I'm nervous.

I'm also nervous about how my story for Real Simple is coming along. Perhaps I'm not a good writer? I know I haven't been applying myself to this blog...

The Baby has been throwing actual tantrums! He throws his head down, scrunches up his face, and yells.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Steps

The Baby took several steps unaided today! We were at the Northfield Library, and had just finished story time. I was so proud of him! It was incredible.

I also got some great deals at Michaels and CVS. At the craft store, I bought a surprise grab bag for $2. There was some great stuff in there. The Boy can't wait to do his projects.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I scored a $3 off any purchase of $3 or more meat coupon, at Aldis. So I got some kinda pork for 11 cents including tax. I don't even eat meat, but for that price, I'll happily buy some for the fam.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Yard Sales

The kids love yard sales! We stopped by one, and The Boy was pretty excited. I was looking through some nonsense and he spotted the kitchen utensils. He was really into them, so I let him mess with them while I looked around. I did not leave him unattended because he seemed to be into the sharpest objects. And I didn't want him to be snatched. I was holding The Baby, trying not to let him touch everything.
I heard the attendant (homeowner? Guy?) tell a customer that he was really lucky he came by today because he was getting a great deal. He was laying it on really thick. And the guy did not negotiate with the customer. When my total came up to $5, I asked if I could give home $4, and without hesitation he agreed. Wonder why he was willing to take my offer, but not the other customer's?
I notice that people love to give my kids gifts from their merchandise.
"Oh, if he wants that, you guys can just take that."
Depending on what I'm buying, and the vibe I'm getting, I try to negotiate on top of the freebies. But I  usually go for one of the other. So far, I have only had the nerve to ask for a dollar or two off. Probably because people quote me pretty low.
I've been to a lot of yard sales where stuff is un-priced. This irritates me because you never know where people are at.
This season I've had pretty good luck with sales. Except for my own, but that was a different post.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Women in Recovery

I did a 'report' on women in recovery for a church group I'm in. I hope I did ok. I'm also hoping I walked the line of informational and personal in a way people appreciated.

The Boy had two bathroom-related incidents today. But he also had two bathroom victories. So.... Go Son, go!

The Baby rocked it at the park! He crawled around on the sand, climbed up the steps, went down the slide with me (I'm too old for those tube slides!), smiled on the swings and had a snack.

Both kids had a bath when we got home.