Friday, October 28, 2016

Tea Treatments

During my kid's rest/naptime, I try to get some stuff done for me. I attempt to sell things on eBay, I work on this blog, I workout, and I do a beauty treatment. Oftentimes, one or many of these do not get done, but today I was able to do a tea treatment.
First, I washed my hair in cool water. Yes, it was my kid's bathwater from yesterday. A little gross, but it saves water.
Then, I sprayed my hair with old suntea I put in a salon spray bottle. I've heard this treatment works best with black tea, but I used Tension Tamer.
I wrapped my hair up in a plastic bag, and will leave it in for a half hour.
After the tea does it's hopeful magic, I will condition my hair.
The Hubs thinks these at-home beauty treatments are crazy and yucky, but I always feel better after doing them.
The tea is supposed to stop breakage and hair loss, and make my hair shiny and smooth. It is a lot to hope for, but I've read a few other blogs whose authors swear by this treatment.
Try it and let me know.


  1. I love trying at home beauty treatments. I have tried the soaking the hair with tea water. I did read the title a tea treatments and think tea tree oil for some oddball reason. I also have tried washing my hair with baking soda to remove build up I like that on the best

    1. Hey Gita! As always, thanks for your comment. I haven't tried the baking soda (we are running low, and I don't want to 'waste' it). Haven't tried the apple-cider vinegar as a hair rinse either. Have you? Incidentally, I use apple-cider vinegar as a dietary supplement.
      And I've started to make an exfoliating scrub with brown sugar, baby oil, and coffee grounds. I'm trying ways to make it look pretty so I can give it as gifts for this upcoming season.
      How do you use the baking soda?

    2. I have a couple of go to uses for baking soda but I found the website that I used so

      As far as gifting: mix the ingredients for the scrub (I add a little bit extra oil on top) and use those small mason jars (4 oz version ) I printed stickers with how to use and stuck them on top, and tied a bow around the jar :)