Thursday, November 17, 2016


I have finally started using Cartwheel, the coupon app for Target. And it was easier than I thought. During my transaction today, I was able to save about $2. Not great, but not bad either.
We went in there because I had gotten a mailer coupon for $5 off $10 or more of household essentials or grocery items. Apparently, hand soap is not a household essential. I decided not to fuss about the coupon because I needed the items anyway (for a gift) and I was buying them on sale.
In the newspaper yesterday, I got a $10-off-$50 coupon for groceries from Target, and I cobbled together a list from their promotional mailer. I was unable to locate two items from my list, so I got a few items in their place after doing some math. I had clipped a few Cartwheel coupons and was picking up a few items for the 'Mitten Tree' at church and was feeling pretty good. However, I noticed that Target grocery prices are actually pretty high. A few of them items I got were a good deal, but mostly the prices were at the top of my range. The only way to work around that is to be vigilant about sticking with my list/price point, clipping my paper coupons, and working with my money-saving apps, such as ibotta, checkout 51, and Cartwheel. Luckily, I am very good about being vigilant with all those things.

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