Monday, November 14, 2016


The Boy is growing fast! Many of his clothes are just a touch too small, so today we went shopping. We headed off to Unique Thrift Store in the strip mall at Howard and Western, in Chicago. On Mondays, everything is 50% off! (Besides the Red Tag new items). With the kids, I have to do grab-and-go shopping, so I grabbed seven pairs of pants, and five sweatshirts, and a coat. Some of the sweatshirts are zip-ups, one is a regular pullover, and a few are hoodies. I got him a few warm (with the fleece layer inside) khakis and two jeans, and one camo. I even scored a waterproof coat that might be warm enough for winter, for $2.50. I spent $31.01. Normally I have some buyer's remorse, but not this time. We got a great deal, and he'll wear all those clothes. And then his brother will.

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