Monday, November 28, 2016

Shopping In The AM

We went shopping again. I had to go to the post office to drop off one of my eBay packages, then to CVS to get my photos, milk, juice and diapers. Then to the bank, and finally, to the thrift store. The kids are troopers, and they are good kids.
First at the post office. I had packaged my product in a used First Priority USPS bubble envelope. So I had to ship it using Priority shipping. Note to self. The item was headed to Addison, IL, and I thought about driving down there to just drop the package off. But I'm not sure how eBay feels about that, and its a 42 minute trip with no traffic or mishaps. So, I opted to pay and ship. Maybe next time I won't.
Then we headed over to CVS, not the one by the house, but to the one that I accidently sent my photo order to. While we were choosing juice, The Boy pulls out a bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino and drops it. It shatters all over the floor, and it took me a moment to reign myself in. I put him in the cart and said it was ok, that I was just surprised. I know that it was accident. My diaper choice was because of the rebates I could get on Checkout 51, as well an in-store coupon. The cashier rudely throws my $20 back on the counter and asks for another one. I say,
"Uh no. Why? What's wrong with this one?"
and she says, like its' totally obvious,
"I can feel the difference. This one is not real."
I told her to call the manager, because I know that it is real. And it was. I was expecting an apology, but I didn't get one. I did fill out my online survey and noted what had happened. On the upside, we saved 43%.
We went to the bank next, and as soon as we pull into the drive-thru, The Boy asks for a lollipop. I dutifully asked the teller for two and we got four. Right on. Unfourtuantly, my transaction was unable to be completed because my husband's name is also on the check and he needs to be present. Dang.
At the thrift store, Savers, we received 30% off from the cashier. I think she might have mishandled our transaction, but I wasn't complaining. I also think that I waited on her when I worked at Walgreens. It was a successful trip. 

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